Benefits for real
A wage increase that evaporates just as fast in the cross-increases in prices and wages is not a wage increase but a reduction in wages. We are left with less purchasing power despite wage increases. It does not have to be this way and to prevent this from happening we need to adjust collective wage agreements to the Nordic labor market model.

It is also a fact that most members in VR make their wages by the VR wage rate system (markaðslaunakerfi). This dynamic wage system needs to be kept up and running and members have to be well informed about how they can benefit the most.

The Nordic labor market model
The main goal of the traditional Nordic labor market model is dividing wage increases fairly down the income ladder. Over the decades, this has proved to be a fairly successful arrangement. Stability and prosperity have characterized the social development of these cousins of ours, as the model is considered one of the mainstays of the Nordic welfare system.

Realistic approach for minimum wages
Everyone should be able to support themselves on their wages. This means that costs of living have to be taken into account for minimum wage earners. This is a well-known standard in the other Nordic countries and one of the mainstays of the Nordic welfare system.

Better health insurance
A powerful health insurance fund has been one of VR’s main hallmarks. This important fund been giving in and now pays 80% of salary for 7 months instead of 9 months before. It differs by 2 months when and if a serious illness knocks on the door. This needs to be improved.

Rethinking education and vocational training
Significant changes are taking place in the labor market along with increasing automation and digitalization. The general trend is that retraining and lifelong learning are increasingly important for general workers. It is thus important that members are offered a variety of opportunities for further education and that the supply of practical education that meets the diversifying needs of the labor market is increased.

About me
Labor market and wage issues have been on my mind since my years as teenager. Concepts such as justice and fairness have always been very important to me.

I have worked in communications for the past 30 years, as a consultant, specialist, information officer or communications manager.

I am running for chairman of VR, because I believe that VR can and should do better. VR has delivered admirable results in many important fields, e.g. in terms of wages, gender equality and housing, to name a few.

It remains, however, that VR seems to have moved away from the general member and I want to change that development. In my mind, VR is a large and powerful workers union that bases its strength on diversity and great services for its members. This unique strength has to for the benefit of every member in VR.

When I talk about my family, I feel like one of the luckiest women in the world. My husband of 26 years is Kristinn Sigurbergsson, a teacher and we have together five wonderful children. We also have three beautiful and simply perfect grandchildren ❤

I have held various social positions over the years. I have been chairman of the Icelandic Women’s Rights Association, chairman of the National Union of Women in the Independence Party and vice chairman of the Icelandic Public Relations Association. In was in 1998-2012 a member of various committees and councils in Kópavogur municipality, including the Gender Equality Committee, the Culture and Arts Council and the Social Affairs Council.

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